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Beth Ferraro is a curator, art connector, and creative facilitator with a focus on community impact and engagement. She has a BFA in Photography and Design from RIT and has worked as a photo editor for several publications including Newsweek and Flaunt. Following her time in New York City and Australia, she was the creative director at Honfleur Gallery and Vivid Solutions Gallery in Washington, DC where she curated over eighty-five exhibitions in six years. Ferraro has also managed residency programs, artists' studios, pop-up spaces, and creative placemaking projects in partnership with communities. She was part of the core development team for LUMEN8Anacostia; a light, art, and music festival funded by Artplace and the DCOP. Currently, Ferraro’s main focus is on how to increase conversations and connections using art and public projects to create strength in communities. She has worked with numerous organizations on site-specific public art initiatives, community projects, public programs and art installations including the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Van Alen Institute, Honfleur Gallery, The Pinkline Project, Martha's Table, Southwest Business Improvement District, Smithsonian's Arts and Industries Building, City First Foundation, Project Create, Building Bridges Across the River at THEARC, Washington Project for the Arts, Gallery Y at the YMCA Anthony Bowen, and Women Photojournalists of Washington. Ferraro has lived in the District of Columbia for fifteen years and values connecting collectors to local artists. She is also a yoga teacher for seniors, a swimmer, surfer, paddleboarder, and avid bicyclist. Available to travel for any like-minded project. 


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Curator + Art installer
We curate and install art in galleries, homes, offices, non-profits, temporary spaces, site-specific pop-ups or anywhere!


Community Projects +  
We create custom community projects that connect neighbors and communities. Our ideas create more meaningful events and programs for any size organization. Our creative projects are all about the place and the people who already use that space. All of our projects support shared public space and hearing everyone's voice. We are committed to intentional social impact and community engagement. 


Art Connecting + Commissions
We will help you develop your own art collection. Our one-on-one service and creative process focus on connecting collectors and artists. 


Public Art + Site-Specific Projects
We will fabricate and facilitate temporary public art installations for any locations. 


Project Management + Creative Consultant 
We strategize, plan, curate and design ideas for any size project. 

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